Tony Red
Romania, Bucharest
video artist and performer

In 2004 he finishes film school, being more interested in video art that cinema and trying to put the two together.
In 2008 after wondering through Europe he started a series of atmospheric videos about nature and its chaotic and armonic movements and step by step got into human expression of body and its enormous symbolism and metaphor.
In 2012 he made Meno, a 6 dancers Butoh video about a world coming alive. Then in 2014 Earth Eye exploring again the relation between the nature life and human all engulfed in sexuality as life power.
Throughout 2014, 2015, 2016 he makes more videos that question human sexuality meaning and purpose, sexual archetypes and metaphors of pleasure and desire in videos like Versatile, Deaphin, B/Anal, Exis, Untuned, White Veil, Wet Mask, as well as getting in pornographic images and actions the feeling and insight of archaic spirituality and ritual as a method to regain another direction out of sexual drive. Video is a great medium for sexuality for it represents so well the dream side of our psyche of our symbolic minds and deep unconscious formations.
Using static over sexual. Using chaos over rule. Using detail over reason. Experience and exposure over definition Tony describes an inner world of forgotten, artefactual emotions and new outlooks on hardened desires.
He continues with gentle moody experimental porn as Suspended Animation, Blue Night. With poetic porn as Against Human Nature, Touch Poem and Vellum. Left and Ambrosia being videos about the uses and misuses of the Ego.

RedReturn is a performance, videoart, erotic and pornographic project
by romanian visual artist Tony Red.
A project aimed towards reality.

This World, where genital life is hidden and closed between two
people, is made for bad people. Is a world defending itself from
the illusions and fears of bad and abusive behavior.

I claim a world of good people, a
world where bad does not exist, where death does not exist where purity
can transpass all out inner layers and corners and borders.
I claim an Inoffensive world.
We are all children, pure, alive, and joyous.
Is better to give up your life, than letting yourself harm another.
Sinking our purity, gets us further and further away from reality.
Reality is a White Angle is a Red Return.

This World, we can only have in Art. Only Art can keep it safe and pure. Only protected from our weaknesses and frustrations.

redreturn3 at

RED Return is a group of performers and visual artists that begun developing the concept of an ideal world.
A world of open heart, open mind, a world outside the normal one. That is why the world is fictitious and needs to be so for otherwise it will be crushed by Normality.
Our main focus is on sensuality and provocative content,
on finding a way out of the chaos into a reality that is not in any way conflictual
and let’s your heart open.
Our bodies are symbols of purity.
Our passions and emotions are symbols of freedom.
Our love is a symbol of empathy and understanding.
Hope in a sweet and pure way.
Hope in a non-stylized way.
Sometimes beautiful.

Tony Red

We want:
.to do what we can’t do.
.to fail.
.to be rejected.
.to be laughed at.
.not to meet expectations.
.not to make sense or have a meaning.
.not to want

Continuous panic attacks. Extreme emotional conditions.
Self inflicted EMOTIONAL PAIN

Durerea Emo?ional? a Fricii

In trying to create and remain pure, outside society we earn very little out of our freelancing, so if you would like to help this project please donate 2 dollars for our cause.