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video – redreturn

Ambrosia DVD – six artporn videos by Tony Red

We made our first DVD with a collection of 6 of our videos.


you can see the trailers of the videos on our section of sample videos

buy our new DVD at 35Euros
http://bit.do/amborsiadvd_buy [paypal]
we need your support
we need around 170DVDs to sell
to continue our project somehow

soon, a new video

the river goddess Lethe – river of oblivion, symbol of exploration into the unknown into the meta-rational, into the unexplored corners of our consciousness – not a mental exploration, but a fluid one, a sexual one, an ecstatic one

Nyx is a video about one man’s journey deep out of time and into the arms of the night. He disrupts all that is reality and organum in order to unite with the night. With the freedom darkness of pure emotion. A connection within death, eros and dream.

see full premium video at

A video about the world forming and the braking away. Coming from desire and culture and transforming into insight. We often forget about this thin thread that we acquire in time. Ambrosia the moment to moment pure inspiration.

for the full non sexual performance – 10minutes

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Vellum is our new video. A video about our inner landscapes and worlds that come out of us, that are like ecstatic animals that need to come out. Here they come as words on skin that give sensations that create need for release. It is about a way of communicating with our hidden inner selves. Creating a path towards it.

see full premium xxx performance – 10minutes

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Send me an object, a piece of clothing, anything you want and I will make a video with it.

[Now I would love a simple thin dress]

We are defected
beyond human nature
beyond unconscious drive and action
We do not reproduce our bodies
we replicate in meaning and belief
We enter death as mirror
ambiguous, mysterious, non-thing
We are pure perception
pure, becoming, fluid.
Afraid of our love for the world,
Afraid of our mortal defect,
Against human nature.
Uniting living and dying and being
and non-being and flesh and time
and pain and ecstasy,
we explore ourselves in glory.

see our full premium video at

About the evergrowing everchanging roots of our inner beings. About our wax outer coating and rugged containers of our souls.
We are scared of the darkness and we are scared of the un-natural, but inside there is another world with such different laws.
Our stories, our ideas, our thoughts and feelings need to be brought up into nature.


see the full xxx performance – 18minutes

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A video about earth, life, death, inner passions and life bound in light.
With baroque music.
Two bodies, one female one male,, masturbating in earth, with earth, earth as life taking it and giving it back. And in the end giving it away to be transformed again by an untouchable life form.
The spirit.
Two Human Plants.


pass: rr219912



For me Art reminds us that God is in everything, more or less, deeper or shallower. Through Art we define God. Again and again. Art keeps creating and remembering us about God’s presence in all.
Art has created God. Art has created Religion. Art is necessary for it keeps God real, always becoming without a beginning without and end.
God comes shapeless, from nothingness, enters the world becomes form, formal and dies. God is flux, coming from nothingness into coarser and coarser shape until stone, until wind. Lost in oblivion. God needs God needs God needs God.
As long as there is God humans are at their best and the world is perfect. When people will forget about God, will feel no more the need to create It, then will be the fall of man.
Today Art explores for God into urban society, in skin, in individual detached conscience, in social conflict, in Taboos, in beauty, in purity, in garbage, in concepts, in accidents, in unconscious, in ugliness, in pain, in sex, in popular culture, in professionalism, in corporatism, in Art…
Where else does Art looks for God today?

In order to keep ourselves remembering, in order not to be swept away by the storm of phenomena we need to Kaiein.