Can I make a Performance in your House or Back Yard in 2015?
Bucharest – Berlin – Bruxelles

SOLO version – he
Is dark. There is a naked figure in the dark. We get closer and closer to it. He has in front of him a bowl with blood and in the blood a long thread, long as his body length. All around the blowl is white ash. He sits bent on the bowl easily hitting it. Dooong. Dooong. And then surrounding it with the stick to make a continuous vibration.
He is erected. Singing at the bowl. He stops singing and waits motionless for the sound to fade completely away. He then touches the ash, takes from it and puts on his face. An the 2nd time puts on his body. And 3rd time he puts on his cock. He bends over the bowl and puts his face in the blood. Out of it, in his mouth, he takes out the wet bloody thread. He comes up again and the thread touches his white chest. Things get mixed.
He masturbates in a weird painful dance with blood and ash. He cums. He cums in the bowl. Sperm dripping in the blood. He hits the bowl three time. Dooong. Dooong. Doooong. Waits motionless for the sound to disappear and takes very softly the bowl and drinks it all.
He is dazed, numb, like in a trance. On his face very very softly there is a smile [we start hearing the bowl’s long long sound]. He retreats in darkness and leaves us in the dark with the bowl and the ash all over the floor. And the sound.
DUAL version – he/she
She is on the street. A guy comes to her, they seem to know each other, or better said they seem to meet for the first time. There is nothing said. He takes out a small note and gives it to her. He hugs her and leaves.
At night, on a street with a dead end – from the back, a woman puts on a mask. A textile mask that leaves out only the mouth.
She enters a dark building and climbs the round stairs. On the hallways is dark. She enters a room where a man sits naked on the ground seems like sleeping.
She takes out of her bag a little container and puts on his hand a white powder. Is ash.  Near his hand put a round Tibetan bowl. She takes out a little knife and at the other hand cuts his veins. She lets the blood dripping in the bowl.
She spits on his mouth – again and again until she has no more spit in her mouth.
His hand begins to move, she gets back, afraid. He opens his mouth and tastes the saliva on the floor . He feels the ash on his hand and begins playing with it. Still in the ground with his face to the floor, he puts ash on his face. He comes up and takes the ash down on his body. Continue reading ›


I start this campaign very early because I know people are not so eager to invest, or give for a film 🙂

Fixed – is an idea of mine for a film that talks about a gay relationship between an Older man with family and kids not sure of his inner world and identity and his relationship and love  with a young boy that kills his wife. But he will never find out who did it. And the Young will help him get through his loss, because only a killer can see so much more and so much clearer into the human heart and body.
Is a film about our body’s alien quiet mind and drive.
About human as automaton.
Fixed in the frame of learned behavior and social fright.

A film to be made anywhere possible between Bucharest and London 🙂 as we did our last film in Berlin.
A film scheduled somewhere in the summer of 2015.

I ask for money because it takes me about 3 years to gather 2000 euros. And I am so eager to start this process again. The process of filmmaking. Of creating spaces and places for a // something hyper-real (a copy without an original)

please share

I am looking for a few people with whom to make an underground poetic porn film.
A film about becoming many. About sharing ourselves through our bodies into pure body-mind-soul-nothingness. About the hardships of transgressing these borders. The journey to nothingness is such a difficult one. Is a journey of amputation.
I am very interested in sexuality and the sexual experiences between people because they are the most intimate and powerful and transgressive of all. And they are less social than wholesome.
I am ready to pay some of the actors, it will be my first payed project  although I would love to make it no-budget because it would be in the true spirit of the project.
I will rent a place for 1 month where we can rehearse, play, discover and film.
We all need poetry, we all need porn.
The project will be filmed in Romania in a, not yet chosen, small city. I am gravitating towards an almost forgotten town, an old spa town with natural mineral waters in the mountains, now in ruins – Borsec. It is a very mysterious and magical place surrounded by weird natural formations that I would love to use as backdrops.

TREE – in a tree there are 30 – 40 sheets of cotton. A performer has his mouth on a branch. He starts getting away from the branch and from his mouth exits cotton as all the other sheets. His face is white. He has a yellow cotton mask, only his mouth is exposed to the world. On his mask, as long as he keeps his mouth on the branch of the tree, it drips on his mask an oily substance that makes his mask shiny and semi transparent.

POTATOES, APPLES, FLOWERS – two performers – boy and girl –  The boy stays in embryo position near a wall. Around him in circles there are beginning from the outside, Potatoes, then Apples, then Flowers, closer and closer to him. He lays on a layer of sand, on the wall he is surrounded by a black trace. On his skin it is written DEFECT.
At the outlayer of Potatoes in a corner of the room there is the girl, that begins to push all the Potatoes, Apples an Flowers randomly near and over him. At the end he is covered in all the things that were very nicely ordered in circles.
We get closer and closer with the camera and we go between the things that cover the boy. Until is dark.
In the darkness we see him in front of a little Doll made only out of soft fabric like cotton, with only the shape of a body, white, with no face. He cuts the Doll open. Inside there are organs like a human being has. There is a little heart beating. He very gently puts his hand inside the doll, feels and explores the textures and matter of the organs. There is a Tibetan bowl singing, the girl sits in front of the bowl. He scoops the organs out of the doll puts them and puts them in the bowl. They both venerate the bowl with the forehead on the ground.

Unmade – are posts about what I would like to do and couldn’t find a way to do it. Either no performers or no financial possibilities. Usually no performers because my ideas are often too pornographic, too emotional, transgressive, too truthful without any possibility of hiding behind a controllable Persona.   
SELFDESTRUCTION – three performers – girl boy, and assistant- the boy is passive and covered in ash. The girl has a big bowl with blood and guts. Also has a big bowl with yellow paint. And another one with earth. And another one with water.  They are both naked.
She takes blood on her hands and hits the boy. She takes from one of the bowls as she feels each time she hits the boy. And she hits him as she wants everywhere she wants.
After the boy is down she takes form the bowls and selfdestructs herself and then she goes close to the boy and mixes herself into his shape and pain.
An assistant will come and put water over them water that symbolizes their healing. Their togetherness healing.
The assistant will stay between the two in Lotus position in meditation until they two selfdestruct. 

SILENT WALK – 3, 5 or 7 performers, 2, 3, or 4 girls – Is a long walk by foot with the backpack through as much as non habitated places. A walk where all the performers thing is about touching one another in all the possible ways. Caress, touch, kiss, sexually. In any or all the moments of a journey, walking, standing, dreaming, going to the toilet. An improvisation about touch and intimacy without words. About non relationships and closeness between people. Boy with girl, Girl with Girl, Boy with Boy and Group. Is about creating the soul of a group.
No word will pe spoken between them all these days.
The camera crew will be made by two persons – camera and sound – and will record what they can without speaking with the performers.

RAIN – one performer, boy or girl + an assistant – In the woods beside a big tree a performer dressed in a big shirt stands looking at the camera, ideally after a few minutes the rain will start, but it can rain from the start.
After the performer is very very wet, 3, 5, 10 minutes, an assistant enters the frame and cuts his shirt off.

Unmade – are posts about what I would like to do and couldn’t find a way to do it. Either no performers or no financial possibilities. Usually no performers because my ideas are often too pornographic, too emotional, transgressive, too truthful without any possibility of hiding behind a controllable Persona. 

NO GENITALS – two performers a girl and a boy face to face they tape each others Genitals, they try to make the other one completely non-sexual. Genitals as the mouth, the eyes, the tongue, the breasts, the penis, the vagina, the toes, the ribs, the neck, the hair, the ears, hands, armpits, asshole, everything.
And after all is closed they get close to one another and touch, and make Love covered in tape, a non genitalia sexuality.

ANUS is FEAR – two performers, two boys – one touching the others anus, the anus as the ultimate representative of fear.
Gentle touching of the Anus, the contracting of the Anus, the relaxation -the Anus is like a wild animal that fears so quickly so irrational so stupid.
The colors change as the feelings of the touching – the music will be specially composed on what is happening.

PUPPET – two performers boy boy or boy girl – between two people there are some kind of worlds that change with time. First is the stage of PUPPET where one moves the other and he just receives passively all that One is giving him.her – then is IMITATION where the Two imitates One in everything – then is CONTRADICTION where Two does all but to follow the One – then in IMITATION of CONTRADICTION where One starts to imitate Two’s contradiction – and then is DIALOGUE where Two moves in feeling with One and One in feeling with Two – when they become All and One/Two and a Whole.
A dance/movement performance.

Ella and Tony have a red thread – shoe lace – turned around their hands a few times.

Ella and Tony are naked beside Lara. They put a hood on her head and lay her down very gentle.
They meditate for about 10 breaths, the space becomes quiet.
Very easily Ella and Tony start cutting away Lara’s clothes. She reacts, she feels the scissors on her skin, she wonders off in dreams and then back in the feeling and sound of the cutting. Parts of her become free and she feels air.
Ella and Tony cut holes out of her clothes until Lara is naked, naked with pieces of clothes all around her. She has a red thread put inside her Pussy and Ass.
Ella and Tony play with Lara’s body, her organs, her skin and muscles inside.
Ella pulls out the thread and puts it into a bowl, a Tibetan singing bowl. Tony starts masturbating and sperms in the bowl. Ella puts wine in the bowl and mixes the content.
They get Lara up near them and take her hood off. Lara is sweated and confused. Her lack of light, of so much stimuli, lack of air, heat, sweat made her oozy.
They give her to drink from the bowl. She drink all and then Ella puts her hand inside Lara’s mouth and pulls the Thread out and then she puts it around her hand.

They all three sit naked between Lara’s cut up clothes.

Unmade – are posts about what I would like to do and couldn’t find a way to do it. Either no performers or no financial possibilities. Usually no performers because my ideas are often too pornographic, too emotional, transgressive, too truthful without any possibility of hiding behind a controllable Persona.


Flashes of a hand painting in red another body. Long lines across Li’s body encircle her genitals and go up her spine and belly toward her chest and between her breasts. Big close lines, wet, just painted, almost dripping. Her face is partly eaten by this red paint. The rest in covered in patches of glued fabric and fur. She is a monster. An idyllic saintly monster.

Li stays on a little table, crossed legged. She is silent, her eyes are closed. In front of her there are naked people praying to her. Their foreheads are on the ground, their hands straight in front towards her.
Out of her Pussy come out two wool red wires that go into the people’s mouths. The people that pray in front of her. Tied to their tongues.
Under her closed eyes, she sees a big overwhelming hole. A big overwhelming falus.
She stars uttering words, words about a mystic union between two matters, a sublimated union in which the two sides become one. One vivid and alive entity made out of pure orgasm.

“Someone have stolen me from this body.
I am still connected but I can not return to my body.
I’ve been cut off in a dream”
“You are here, you are in front of us.”
“I am not, this is only my shell,
my dear, pearl shell,
lost in the darkness of the see”

Two mouths kiss, then they go apart and from their mouths exits a muslin, long very long, 6, 7 meters long.
In front of her, the people touch themselves. the people make love with one another.