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I am looking for investors for our project
I will return 50% of your money at the beginning and more with time and experience we accumulate together.

to start the project I need minimum of 6500 euros – for 4 videos, promotion and SEO
you can participate with any sum, starting with 200 euros
and as soon as we have all the money we will return your money in 6 to 10 months with 50% more – or quicker depending on our success
taking the money before 6 months it will be possible, but we will not be able to promise a consistent interest if any.

It is a risk investment because it is an art project more than a porn project. But I know from my nobudget experience that people are interested, we just need a budget to pay the performers involved.
We will start with small but well made videos. To limit the expenses.
I will film and edit the videos.
Maybe even act in some of the videos. Because I already have a small fanbase.

The videos depending on the performers we will find. Will be gay or str8 or both. I am for a bisexual nature of our project. Artsy amateurish philosophical and natural.

contact at redreturn3 at gmail dot com


In a small white room, on the white bed sheets put on the floor, a naked girl is combing her long long hair from behind with her Left Hand Black. She has her eyes closed. We see on her lips the mumbling.

SONATINE My name is Andrei I am 26 years old because under any subtle acoustic creation, the attentive beings secrete the sad silt. They save the flying birds that die daily on the crude pathways. And if these flights they would be chosen they would jump over the warm buzzing lines of the touched turnarounds.

She stops her combing and takes her head back and opens wide her mouth. She takes out her tongue. Drops of saliva fell from a BOY’s mouth into her’s. She closes her mouth very gentle. And so so softly, like falling into a sweet sleep she lies on the white sheets.

Vellum is our new video. A video about our inner landscapes and worlds that come out of us, that are like ecstatic animals that need to come out. Here they come as words on skin that give sensations that create need for release. It is about a way of communicating with our hidden inner selves. Creating a path towards it.

see full premium xxx performance – 10minutes

check out our PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP for full access to our full videos section

We prepare a new video 🙂 these shots are from a long day of rehearsals. Getting prepared with what and how we will shoot.

It will be a video about the way we interact with our inner world. With the ideas and concepts, with our emotions and body, with the outside world. And how they all ‘dance’ together.

P5340834 P5340836

A small group of performers can live decently making quality ‪#‎porn‬.


One might argue that the essence of much of art is in forcing us to see things as they really are rather than as we assume them to be
– about the psychology of Fun, wikipedia

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B-Anal comes from Based on Anal Experience.

Anal is the long way in the dark but with, the ecstatic life changing, end experience.
Is like a tunnel that separates our world from the other light. And a new way of seeing understanding and perceiving the world.
Dick world is too rise and attack for an ecstatic short orgasm. Is the little experience, the temporary catharsis.
But anal, is a huge world in which one can enter, not a cleansing but an eliberation. A return to the things we always knew to be good and truthful and just. Before the human law and ideals.



The necessity of outcasts It is a fight. Everything is a fight. Is training your weapons is standing ground, is never giving an inch away. But I do not like to fight. Doing it without the extermination technique. Maybe nature we learned is an adversary. That is what we’ve learned for 2 million years. When we stand ground, when we fight for our “own” we actually fight for our own species. Our own ancient instincts. And instincts are only existential. There is no cultural instinct. There is no beauty instinct. There is only a species one, and weirdly a God-like one. And I think the God-like instinct is something to do with atomic and quantum physics. And if it is so, our creativity, our beauty, our subtleness that we can’t transmit through our genes, is so due to the * our consciousness does. Because all animals have this God-like quantum physics inside but they can’t constientises it. And thus can’t change it, can’t influence it. The self-awareness, that what creates in time consciousness, is usually due to fear and the inability to automatically integrate in the common system of values. The world is not enough only for those that don’t have the get in pass by nature. Those that in a nature way of living would be outcasts. So only the outcasts have the involuntary system and dynamics that can evolve. Evolution is a factor of outcasting. Consensus and consensual societies and species are doomed to extinction. As any ideas, political systems, values. Shared from Google Keep


The Robing of the Bride – Max Ernst

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