I am looking for investors for our project
I will return 50% of your money at the beginning and more with time and experience we accumulate together.

to start the project I need minimum of 6500 euros – for 4 videos, promotion and SEO
you can participate with any sum, starting with 200 euros
and as soon as we have all the money we will return your money in 6 to 10 months with 50% more – or quicker depending on our success
taking the money before 6 months it will be possible, but we will not be able to promise a consistent interest if any.

It is a risk investment because it is an art project more than a porn project. But I know from my nobudget experience that people are interested, we just need a budget to pay the performers involved.
We will start with small but well made videos. To limit the expenses.
I will film and edit the videos.
Maybe even act in some of the videos. Because I already have a small fanbase.

The videos depending on the performers we will find. Will be gay or str8 or both. I am for a bisexual nature of our project. Artsy amateurish philosophical and natural.

contact at redreturn3 at gmail dot com

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Thank you so much.


In a small white room, on the white bed sheets put on the floor, a naked girl is combing her long long hair from behind with her Left Hand Black. She has her eyes closed. We see on her lips the mumbling.

SONATINE My name is Andrei I am 26 years old because under any subtle acoustic creation, the attentive beings secrete the sad silt. They save the flying birds that die daily on the crude pathways. And if these flights they would be chosen they would jump over the warm buzzing lines of the touched turnarounds.

She stops her combing and takes her head back and opens wide her mouth. She takes out her tongue. Drops of saliva fell from a BOY’s mouth into her’s. She closes her mouth very gentle. And so so softly, like falling into a sweet sleep she lies on the white sheets.

If you would like to invest in our project and earn money from our video, becoming our partners and producing together future videos please write to us. Any partnership would be great, I have thought about 3 ways until now. Maybe better ideas will come later on 🙂

  • Starting from 500E you can receive shares from our incomes until you double your money.
  • From 1000E you can chose to get a fixed share of our videos for a fixed period of time.
  • You can buy one of our future videos, from 700E and we will get a share from the income – you will get the main money. I will all balance out according on the period of time you want to earn from it.

For now the site and its content is based only on the people that help the project. We don’t have a lot of members that pay for the site. Dear friends that help with little. But our videos even without promotion are going very well on Vimeo.

If you invest in our project we can grow models/actors, we can hire 2 most important people, an Organizer and a PR/marketer that can drive us better through the universe of video art. We can make more complex videos, and with a better quality by renting professional people in key places. We need your help to buy the time of performers and artists that can help us raise our production value and with it our voices and ideas into the world.

Your investment will help shed people’s preconceptions. Will aid to make people more confident in their lives not as obeying rules but in experimenting and exchanging with others. Will help develop a culture of sexuality not only as a fun activity but as a special realm where we can enlighten and learn about ourselves and the ones around us. Sexuality can help us so much.

For more info please write to me.

For more details about the Manifesto behind this project please read my theory articles.

Thank you so much.

Vellum is our new video. A video about our inner landscapes and worlds that come out of us, that are like ecstatic animals that need to come out. Here they come as words on skin that give sensations that create need for release. It is about a way of communicating with our hidden inner selves. Creating a path towards it.

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A small group of performers can live decently making quality ‪#‎porn‬.

Hi guys, I have created this affiliate program so that anyone can help our project to become better and in return to partner with us for some money.

Now we give 5$/year at any new subscription to our PREMIUM area of the site.
And 1$ for the pay-per-view option on our 5$ videos.

Thank you so much for your help.

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One might argue that the essence of much of art is in forcing us to see things as they really are rather than as we assume them to be
– about the psychology of Fun, wikipedia


The Robing of the Bride – Max Ernst