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theory – Page 2 – redreturn

We are not made out of concepts expressions and beliefs.
Concepts like home, normal, evil, good.
We are beyond human nature.
Beyond unconscious drive and action.
We explore ourselves in mystery.
We do not obey customs and traditions.
We are made out of perceptions only.
Pure, becoming and fluid.
Afraid of your taking advantage of us.
Afraid of our love for the world.

Inside intimacy there is no place to hide.
No place to turn your back.
No place to step back.

For me Art reminds us that God is in everything, more or less, deeper or shallower. Through Art we define God. Again and again. Art keeps creating and remembering us about God’s presence in all.
Art has created God. Art has created Religion. Art is necessary for it keeps God real, always becoming without a beginning without and end.
God comes shapeless, from nothingness, enters the world becomes form, formal and dies. God is flux, coming from nothingness into coarser and coarser shape until stone, until wind. Lost in oblivion. God needs God needs God needs God.
As long as there is God humans are at their best and the world is perfect. When people will forget about God, will feel no more the need to create It, then will be the fall of man.
Today Art explores for God into urban society, in skin, in individual detached conscience, in social conflict, in Taboos, in beauty, in purity, in garbage, in concepts, in accidents, in unconscious, in ugliness, in pain, in sex, in popular culture, in professionalism, in corporatism, in Art…
Where else does Art looks for God today?

Woman is the symbol of out most inner unfortified self. That is why we seldom feel the need to abuse and control Her. It is what we feel and what we want to do with our inner wild and free side. Our Soul. Our defenseless Idiot. Our ecstatic core.
Woman is our universal symbol for our deep ecstatic core. We use and abuse Her as we would our deepest unreachable core.
That is why when a woman intuitively understands her significance she becomes so so so amazing Powerful.

Magical beings
universes inside physics laws unbending impossible to change.
Why can’t we change physical laws?
Why mind is different than physics and allows and desires bendable physics.
Why are we not inside the physical system. And in what system are we,
one that contains physics and is not contained in it.
Seeking freedom inside brackets.

I want to disarm people.
Disarm them from their inner weapons. Disarm them and give them the possibility to feel and perceive life in freedom.
We build weapons inside. To protect ourselves from the others. To contraatac and never again let the others hurt us.
Weapons are build by those that don’t get the chance to understand their fears. That identify with them. That build themselves around them. That buried them deep and start believing that those bundle of inner fears make their own self, the totality of all they most inner and most close ‘are’ .
I make films that disarm. Both actors and spectator.
Both myself and all the crew. We have to fight to through our weapons away.
That is my mission.
That is what I do unconsciously for as long as I can remember.

We have to train and exercise continuously our innocence.

I call God, life.
As in meaning of Life.
As in the beauty if life and its kindness with me.
As in my respect for the amazement of life.


changeable, inconstant, fluctuating, revolving, turning, reversible, fluid, universal, adaptable, ugly, clumsy, disgusting, impure, odious, barbaric, primitive, violent, coarse, crude, elemental,

I do not want to shock anybody, but to talk to people like you, that feel no shock anymore.
You can see the other things around the impression of the outrageous.
Because of porn we can now explore sexuality in such a beautiful and artful way
we are free to explore, to feel the real emotions and not the shock.
Is like being normal about life after death.
About supernatural powers of people :))
Sexuality is another universe, a more direct and sincere one.
Sexuality out of Magic.

We fear in the same extent
both God and the Evil,
both Truth and Lie,
both the forbidden and the law,
both pleasure and pain,
both Love and Hate,
so where are we?
What place encloses us that doesn’t let us do nothing without breaking our souls to do it?
What place that kills us and hardens us when letting us sail in comfort and peace of mind?
Why true beauty is so painful.
There are no evil people, there is only evil nature.
There are no good people, there is only good nature.

We use our bodies so easily for money
We can use them for spiritual quest also
The Body is so filled with fears and desires
The Body is our tool. a tool that we have to become conscious of
Not to be slaves of it, but to be guides of it

It is so much more dangerous to Open for spirit that to Close for money
And it is so weird
The only sacrifice we do is of our Body for our Pride
When I think it would be nice to sacrifice our Pride for our Body