Send me an object, a piece of clothing, anything you want and I will make a video with it.

[Now I would love a simple thin dress]

A small group of performers can live decently making quality ‪#‎porn‬.

Well the idea of using full +18 sexual ideas and imagery came to me after looking for things that people are unconsciously attracted to. A trick. And porn is such a good trick because it connects people from their nakedness to the work of art. Is a raw connection.
One of my strong directions in art is truth. Truth of perception, of thought, of emotion and its amazing difficulties due to the dynamics of society. One fundamental murderer of truth is the Lie. With its existence there is no possibility of truth, and also there is lie’s sister the metaphor, which also, if used wrong and pragmatic destabilize the notion of truth.
That is why people – believe – in truth. And a belief is a chosen uncertainty.
So how to reach truth in a person that all his life was build layer upon layer of shields and suspicions, of utilitarian beliefs and social weapons and survival social instruments.
The problem is that we often identify with our social personna and lose completely what we have inside.
So how to reach truth? Also because there is the weapon of – anti – if you use to explain people that what they do is stupid, or less than alive, or unjust, or fake – a lose superstructure without any real fundament . You get the rage and discontent of their defensive system.
That is why I wanted to use the Secret Persona. The person that one is in its most intimate moments, be it alone, be it making love or sex.
What is good about this trick tool, porn, is that it is morally illegal and make is as a illicit discovery that finds the person with his soul bare.
Although now another problem is the formalization and fetishisation of sex but there is still enough unknown so that we can use it to breathe air in the viewer’s mouths.
This is one of the reasons I want to use sex, and porn in my art.
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This World, where genital life is hidden and closed between two people, is made for bad people. Is a world defending itself from the illusions and fears of bad and abusive behavior.

I claim a world of good people, a world where bad does not exist, where death does not exist where purity can transpass all out inner layers and corners and borders.
I claim an Inoffensive world.
We are all children, pure, alive, and joyous.
Is better to give up your life, than letting yourself harm another.
Sinking our purity, gets us further and further away from reality.
Reality is a White Angle is a Red Return.

This World, we can only have in Art. Only Art can keep it safe and pure. Only protected from our weaknesses and frustrations.

The 12 truths to test your understanding of Redreturn

1 there are many sides beside consciousness
2 material world is only 8% of truth
3 the social world is a fantasy created by human storytellers, there reasons are mostly administrative in nature
4 life is only pretext for experience of the unknown
5 fucking is an ecstatic spiritual instrument, and not for pleasure
6 pleasure is only a pretext
7 morality is for the ignorant
8 tolerance is natural, intolerance is for the ignorant
9 happiness is the cheapest and most toxic/addictive type of insight
10 people are lead by crushing of the inner light – through the law and the assigning of social roles
11 your identity is only what you identify with – and that is mostly not your choice, but of the things that happen around you since your birth. When you got to be aware of your life, was too late, you were already formed as a ROLE

We care only for survival, intimacy is so not an existential issue not a social issue. Intimacy is so spiritual in nature. And we don’t care about that. We will not care as long as God doesnt come from the sky and shoots us if doing wrong.

The acute feeling of decomposition.

We love to be certain about things.

After a while people start doing anything just not to care, not to care anymore, about self, about life, about death, about regrets and fails.
After a while people crave for any little chance to escape caring for self and others.
Getting numb, fucking it all, being free for a short while.
That is art.

I am dealing mostly in cultural misconceptions
As sexuality, metaphysics, life meaning, perception, self awareness, etymology of phenomena, human identity, freedom, justice, evil and violence, change, organic psychology, language and its dialogue with silence, animate and inanimate beings, translation, the philosophy of efficiency,

Love is not only one.
A new kind of Love is rising on the horizon.
A dark Love. A deep compassionate free love.
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“in the form the out side way out and the interior ,, the photo,, light ,, contenido y continente,trasngresion ,,.. por que es arriesgado y obsceno y sin embargo cautivador ,,por que no es como los demas ,,porque la misma gente que hace lo mismo me aburre y es tediosa ,, por que como inpacto visual puede tener futuro ,, por el video art ,,por que me gusta ,,sigo o ya te parezco menos tonta yo se lo que digo ,, no adulo a cualquiera ,, y podria seguir y seguir pero baby ,,, me reclaman bastante me fije en tu obra”

this is a beautiful poetic message that I receive from one of my friends.
amazing, thank you so much T.

Pornography is art, a dramatic art, experimental, where characters are striped naked of their personality, and the story is striped to its core essentials – the interaction and play of active/passive and passive/active. Pornography is essential storytelling. 3 acts, same place, no jumps in time. Porn is subtle poetry. Porn is tragedy. It respect all that Aristotle is. It is cathartic. All other stories are dilutions of Porn. Are euphemisms of porn. Are desperate, painful attempts to touch the same intensity, purity and catharsis. Monotonous, repetitive, again and again and again only to be transgressed, only to be sublimated. Porn is possible only in a pure society. In a humane world.  The pornography that I am talking is already post-porn in a post-ironic world.

Is there something that you wouldn’t do with yourself?
That you wouldn’t let to be done onto you?
What is it that keeps you blocked?

We are not made out of concepts expressions and beliefs.
Concepts like home, normal, evil, good.
We are beyond human nature.
Beyond unconscious drive and action.
We explore ourselves in mystery.
We do not obey customs and traditions.
We are made out of perceptions only.
Pure, becoming and fluid.
Afraid of your taking advantage of us.
Afraid of our love for the world.

« Le sens de l’érotisme échappe à quiconque n’en voit pas le sens religieux. Réciproquement, le sens des religions échappe à quiconque néglige le lien qu’il présente avec l’érotisme. » G. Bataille

Inside intimacy there is no place to hide.
No place to turn your back.
No place to step back.