Vellum trailer

Vellum is our new video. A video about our inner landscapes and worlds that come out of us, that are like ecstatic animals that need to come out. Here they come as words on skin that give sensations that create need for release. It is about a way of communicating with our hidden inner selves. Creating a path towards it.

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Against Human Nature teaser

We are defected
beyond human nature
beyond unconscious drive and action
We do not reproduce our bodies
we replicate in meaning and belief
We enter death as mirror
ambiguous, mysterious, non-thing
We are pure perception
pure, becoming, fluid.
Afraid of our love for the world,
Afraid of our mortal defect,
Against human nature.
Uniting living and dying and being
and non-being and flesh and time
and pain and ecstasy,
we explore ourselves in glory.

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B-Anal trailer

B-Anal comes from Based on Anal Experience.

Anal is the long way in the dark but with, the ecstatic life changing, end experience.
Is like a tunnel that separates our world from the other light. And a new way of seeing understanding and perceiving the world.
Dick world is too rise and attack for an ecstatic short orgasm. Is the little experience, the temporary catharsis.
But anal, is a huge world in which one can enter, not a cleansing but an eliberation. A return to the things we always knew to be good and truthful and just. Before the human law and ideals.

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