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The first feeling brought by our acquaintance with ‘that world’ should be the feeling of wonder, and this should grow, becoming greater and greater as acquaintance with it becomes better. And the better we know a thing the greater will be our wonder and the more shall we discover in them of the new and unexpected.
We must seek the hidden meaning, we must strive with all our might to notice all those apparent subjective differences between objects which we feel so painfully clearly as glimpses in a world of realities. These differences are the realities of the noumenal world, much more real than all the maya of our phenomena.

PD Ouspensky – Tertium Organum

Jacques Derrida have argued that identity is constructed by unstable systems of interrelated cultural meanings or ‘texts’ leading to an individual who is internally fractured and externally determined. Personal truths can only be partial, distorted as they are by the ?ctionalisation of experience that constitutes remembering, the inassimilable nature of extreme experience and what the ?lm-maker Abigail Child calls ‘the conceptual and social prisms through which we attempt to apprehend’

Some discover the world and the Life through living, through sports, through politics, God, Familly, Commerce and so many others
I had the luck to discover it through Art. Thinking about it. Trying to make it somehow, fighting to understand it and knowing it.
Art is amoral. Art is beyond moral because is about so much more and is so close to our inner making.
It is a language of the soul.
Art thought me about Truth. About being. About the illusory texture of the real.
All begins from within.