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poem – redreturn

We are defected
beyond human nature
beyond unconscious drive and action
We do not reproduce our bodies
we replicate in meaning and belief
We enter death as mirror
ambiguous, mysterious, non-thing
We are pure perception
pure, becoming, fluid.
Afraid of our love for the world,
Afraid of our mortal defect,
Against human nature.
Uniting living and dying and being
and non-being and flesh and time
and pain and ecstasy,
we explore ourselves in glory.

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We are not made out of concepts expressions and beliefs.
Concepts like home, normal, evil, good.
We are beyond human nature.
Beyond unconscious drive and action.
We explore ourselves in mystery.
We do not obey customs and traditions.
We are made out of perceptions only.
Pure, becoming and fluid.
Afraid of your taking advantage of us.
Afraid of our love for the world.

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I am looking for a few people with whom to make an underground poetic porn film.
A film about becoming many. About sharing ourselves through our bodies into pure body-mind-soul-nothingness. About the hardships of transgressing these borders. The journey to nothingness is such a difficult one. Is a journey of amputation.
I am very interested in sexuality and the sexual experiences between people because they are the most intimate and powerful and transgressive of all. And they are less social than wholesome.
I am ready to pay some of the actors, it will be my first payed project  although I would love to make it no-budget because it would be in the true spirit of the project.
I will rent a place for 1 month where we can rehearse, play, discover and film.
We all need poetry, we all need porn.
The project will be filmed in Romania in a, not yet chosen, small city. I am gravitating towards an almost forgotten town, an old spa town with natural mineral waters in the mountains, now in ruins – Borsec. It is a very mysterious and magical place surrounded by weird natural formations that I would love to use as backdrops.

nu ma pot accepta asa cum sint
nu pot, imi e frica, nu pot, sa fac nimic

nu am cum ajuta oamenii cu nimic
iar singur in natura as muri imediat

nu pot muri
nu pot trai

nu mai avem nevoie de eroi.
ci de exemple de supravietuire cu raul, cu durerea
de maleabilitate si supunere
de martiriu

mi se schimba vocea,
isi pierde candoarea
isi pierde bunatatea