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Obscur is another film project that I wrote and start to look for way of making it, last year. It didn’t worked so well finding it difficult to produce it without a budget. Here bellow its a conversation I had with an actress that I sent the script. She loved it but told me that due to its sexually filled content it will be difficult to find people. So she sent me some question to make people better understand it and with it my artistic direction in this underground area of art and life.


Doro H asked me some questions about Obscur, for a better understanding of the script. And I will post them here for all those interested in a little bit more about the project.

1. Could you sum up (in a few sentences) what “obscur” is about? / can you name the topics of this project?
* I can not sum up what is about because it doesn’t has a center theme. Or I try to not be conscious about, because I believe in the openness of the core of this kind of film.
Themes like belief in the breaking of ones past to changes the way one see things. Like the lack of consciousness and what can be in there. Like immortality and what effects that can have on a suicidal. Like spiritual duty. Like absolute desire.

3. Why do you want to tell this story?
This story is very important for me because it deals with one of my most fundamental fears and worries. With the mystery of what is behind consciousness. What is behind culture and order. How chaos works and why is all so beautifully crafted even without human control. Like in nature, like in space, like in weather. IN plants, in subatomic. Everywhere around us. There is no rule. No control. And everything is amazingly beautiful. And even whay this all seams ‘beautiful’ for us, people. What is this natural beauty and fascination.
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