A video about earth, life, death, inner passions and life bound in light.
With baroque music.
Two bodies, one female one male,, masturbating in earth, with earth, earth as life taking it and giving it back. And in the end giving it away to be transformed again by an untouchable life form.
The spirit.
Two Human Plants.


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B-Anal comes from Based on Anal Experience.

Anal is the long way in the dark but with, the ecstatic life changing, end experience.
Is like a tunnel that separates our world from the other light. And a new way of seeing understanding and perceiving the world.
Dick world is too rise and attack for an ecstatic short orgasm. Is the little experience, the temporary catharsis.
But anal, is a huge world in which one can enter, not a cleansing but an eliberation. A return to the things we always knew to be good and truthful and just. Before the human law and ideals.




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Suspended Animation is a porn video, on noise music, is about the intensity of touch, of being in two, of losing mind, of garbing soul, of flying in the shadows of pure energy.
Meaning is just an illusion.
Humanity is not the purpose of life.

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