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INVEST in our Project – redreturn

If you would like to invest in our project and earn money from our video, becoming our partners and producing together future videos please write to us. Any partnership would be great, I have thought about 3 ways until now. Maybe better ideas will come later on 🙂

  • Starting from 500E you can receive shares from our incomes until you double your money.
  • From 1000E you can chose to get a fixed share of our videos for a fixed period of time.
  • You can buy one of our future videos, from 700E and we will get a share from the income – you will get the main money. I will all balance out according on the period of time you want to earn from it.

For now the site and its content is based only on the people that help the project. We don’t have a lot of members that pay for the site. Dear friends that help with little. But our videos even without promotion are going very well on Vimeo.

If you invest in our project we can grow models/actors, we can hire 2 most important people, an Organizer and a PR/marketer that can drive us better through the universe of video art. We can make more complex videos, and with a better quality by renting professional people in key places. We need your help to buy the time of performers and artists that can help us raise our production value and with it our voices and ideas into the world.

Your investment will help shed people’s preconceptions. Will aid to make people more confident in their lives not as obeying rules but in experimenting and exchanging with others. Will help develop a culture of sexuality not only as a fun activity but as a special realm where we can enlighten and learn about ourselves and the ones around us. Sexuality can help us so much.

For more info please write to me.

For more details about the Manifesto behind this project please read my theory articles.

Thank you so much.

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