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Evilness and the Freedom of Knowledge – redreturn

I have this issue with Evilness, because I’ve always suspected of being something Fake. Something man-made. And something more nocive in our days than good.
I think that Evilness was created when the Church started its relentless purification through fire and sword against any other form of knowledge other then their own. Before the year 300 AD. And it developed throughout the middle ages up until the fall of Church’s Power as with the Protestant separation of entire kingdoms from under their influence.
It is known that always knowledge was protected. Protected by a border of secrecy, of initiation, of proven dedication and belief in the system at hand. And all this only due to our Human innate drives to superficiality and smallness of conduct. Lots and lots of people would love to know the things that give them the … of power and accomplishment. And for that people lie and deceit. So the necessity to prove thyself honest and willing to become according to the Knowledge doctrine. The same is in the Classical Religion as well, you have to be honest and believe in God and all His methods and workers and laws.

So Evilness is just a weapon of the Church to annihilate any other form of knowledge. And why this? I guess it started when they were in great danger from the Roman way of life. And as any system that begins in war and terror it will be strong, it will last long, but its so wrongly constructed in very extreme notions.
All War Time practices are antihuman and they don’t work well in Peaceful times.

The problem with Evilness today is that it was appropriated by the ones frustrated by the Church and used as real. So a Fakeness was believed true and used as truth. So what can be practiced for good, the rituals and practices of Evil-worshipers, for they are essentially benign, are used for violence and terror and what they do is only strengthening the idea of the Church.

What I find again very interesting, behind this Evilness, is the long chain of the freedom of knowledge. The freedom of Knowledge Systems. What is very interesting is that even if has been proven that people are more productive and comfortable in a diverse society and openness to diversity. And is a common sense unconscious belief that if you let people come up with their own solutions and their own ways of exploration and development, there are more chances to benefit all, and to have a better experience of life. There still is this Authority of the One almighty perfect system. Repeatable, dependable, all encompassing to all needs and happiness of all the people. It is even the idea that there is an almighty Type of person that will be perfect and genius in every moment of time and space. Which has been proven again and again it is just plain stupid.
Oneness has no conscious characteristic. You can say it doesn’t exist but there is more than existence out there.
So there is no Consciousness Perfection. No Self Awareness idyllic way. Because Consciousness is still soo soo young and so small in its possibility of perception and filtering of information. And every time someone try to create a big big social control system based on the Promise Land of a Perfect Consciousness know that they will first win, then proven wrong and miserably fail.

What is open and Powerful and proclaiming wonders has always been a lie.
What is hidden from view and lets you with great care and mistrust inside, knows more about truth than any Slogan and Service.

as Lao Tzu once said
“Those who know do not speak. Those who speak do not know.”

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