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Do you? – redreturn

Have you never found your passion?
Do you hate your job, feel it wastes your life?
Do you fear that what you feel as right is against all the ones around you?
Do you fear that being true to yourself will enstrange or even…. The ones that love you as you are. And helped you along your unless life?
Do you feel obligated to be what you are only to be thankful to the people that got you along until here?
Do you suffer for not being able to free yourself?
Do you hate yourself for not being able to be what they want?
Do you regret the path you are on?
Do you suffer for not being able to free yourself?
Do you trade your freedom for food and comfortable acceptance?
Are you trapped in a family that you were compelled to make?
Do you study for a career you know you have nothing in common with?
Have you always felt normality as being boring, or wrong, or made-up?
Do you still look for your place in the world?
Are you unsure o four desires and goals?
Would you want to change your life, your world, your rules and meanings?
Have you ever felt all things around you that seem fake – and that all the people would want to do something else but don’t have the courage?
Have you ever felt trapped in a life you can’t control?
Have you always done only the things requested from you?
Do you sacrifice your life for the desires and laws of others?
Did you lost touch with your body, with your feelings, with your peace of mind?
Do you want to live in the danger of truth. To start experiencing liberating feelings and perceptions. Do you want to shed all your layers of fear and mistrust. Do you want to stop politics and start living.
Come with us.

ArtPorn is the only lousy job I would do. It is much closer to Art then any other corporate job. Any other commercial job. Any other job that serves a social administrative purpose. Any other job that aids fakeness of normality.
Porn can be raw and lacking any politics. Porn can expand consciousness and open our way of perception. It plays and explores the relationships between people. With porn we can create new rituals, we can create an intimate system of life. And with its power over normal people we can make enough money to live and continues our search.

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