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Money and the world of Bruillage – redreturn

Only money help people.
All else are just lies.
Because money don’t retain identity and history. Once exchanged, they are new and shapeless and egoless, ready to receive their new identity.
Nothing else has the same quality.
Nothing else can brake karma as money do. Nothing else have the same unifying power.
All that can not desired to be sold or bought. Has no value.
Value is the commodity that is closest to the realities of the human soul.
Value is the direct link between the soul and one’s identity. Value’s emotional spectrum is the most intimate feeling. The feeling that either raises us. Or corrupts.
That is why purity, beauty, righteousness are proportional with the money amount.
That is why poverty is ruthless and in deep animalia.
Value without money, in our world, doesn’t exist. They are only fake prosthetics.
The art that I do, the silent fight I fight against this incredible fake power of the money, is useless.
We are deep sunk in the bruillage of the soul.
The only think I can do, is just fight with myself not to fall in the trap.
Just to remind that the only fight we can do is to learn to self-sacrifice, the world has never changed. Is too difficult. Too scary, too painful.
People helping people for a better life is a great great lie.
I want to help people break out of the need for a better life.
I want to help people understand that life in our world, in any of our human world and religions is a con.
Human cultural and genetic biases, reign supreme.
Happiness is just a fake necessity as any gadget these days is.
As Facebook.
About the essential necessities of a human life, soon, in another post.

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