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The 12 Truths – redreturn

The 12 truths to test your understanding of Redreturn

1 there are many sides beside consciousness
2 material world is only 8% of truth
3 the social world is a fantasy created by human storytellers, there reasons are mostly administrative in nature
4 life is only pretext for experience of the unknown
5 fucking is an ecstatic spiritual instrument, and not for pleasure
6 pleasure is only a pretext
7 morality is for the ignorant
8 tolerance is natural, intolerance is for the ignorant
9 happiness is the cheapest and most toxic/addictive type of insight
10 people are lead by crushing of the inner light – through the law and the assigning of social roles
11 your identity is only what you identify with – and that is mostly not your choice, but of the things that happen around you since your birth. When you got to be aware of your life, was too late, you were already formed as a ROLE

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