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july-nov facebook notes – redreturn

We care only for survival, intimacy is so not an existential issue not a social issue. Intimacy is so spiritual in nature. And we don’t care about that. We will not care as long as God doesnt come from the sky and shoots us if doing wrong.

The acute feeling of decomposition.

We love to be certain about things.

After a while people start doing anything just not to care, not to care anymore, about self, about life, about death, about regrets and fails.
After a while people crave for any little chance to escape caring for self and others.
Getting numb, fucking it all, being free for a short while.
That is art.

I am dealing mostly in cultural misconceptions
As sexuality, metaphysics, life meaning, perception, self awareness, etymology of phenomena, human identity, freedom, justice, evil and violence, change, organic psychology, language and its dialogue with silence, animate and inanimate beings, translation, the philosophy of efficiency,

Love is not only one.
A new kind of Love is rising on the horizon.
A dark Love. A deep compassionate free love.
Honest and bearing.

Maturity is only the acknowledgement of failure and loss of drive.

Art gives knowledge and not pleasure.
Awareness and understanding.
Pleasure is the realm of craftsman.
And of course artists become, a lot of times, by the nature of their activities, great craftsmen.
And patrons usually supported artists because of their craft and tried, through their commissions, to subdue the artist.
For the artist is more to do little with social phenomenon and issues of social power and reign.

My life is simple
I was an enfant
Now I’m an enfant terrible.

Sex towards continuity, not finality.

Those without their name in history have no stories.
Those without stories have no life.
In the engine room of the world.
Stories are that which grow hope.
Hope is the food of the poor and lifeless.

I don’t believe in ‘personal’

What are you doing with your life?

Well I am just proving my theories wrong. Which is a very difficult and lengthy process, I hope to finish it before death.

for those that can’t cope with human cruelty
the only place of escape is hell
for there is a special peaceful place for them there
in a forgotten corner of despair

Some ‪#‎actors‬ want to play characters, others want to learn to play themselves, as consciously and as truthful as possible.
Like conscious breathing.
Like ‪#‎vipassana‬.

We should not inspire people to be free, but to be socially useful.
[free of what?]
[free of self delusion]

How many things did you tried in life and didn’t succeed?

In my life all virtue and all vice were seen as excess and wrong.
Maybe that is why I keep defending the bad as well as the good.
Maybe that is why I search for ‘that’ mysterious middle way.
Both misunderstood by both good and bad.
It seams the middle is elusive and hidden for us all, not really truhfull and self revealing.
(in the dark only with blind faith)

Truth is cheaper than beauty

We even vilify truth
So that we can justify our little lies.

there are those that suppose the ‪#‎worst‬
and those that suppose the ‪#‎good‬
to unconscious drives that divides people in
two opposite directions of world/people view
the ‪#‎superiors – that by supposing the worst believe themselves to be smarter and more capable to conquer the world. Always driven by contempt and exploitation of others of inferiors and unworthy.
the ‪#‎believers – those that by supposing the good raise all those around them among perfection. For them there is no evil, no unworthy, no inferiors. Are just mistakes or different thinking and seeing the world. The believers know that all the world is harmonious and magic and all good and bad are just happenings without any evilness in them. That in all evil there is only fear and repulsion of people. Nothing designed to be bad.

Why is it that the #believers are so seldom. So despised, so mistrusted and vilified?

I am afraid to be tolerant
For they will kill me
They want to destroy what i am inside
That is why i learn sacrifice
And anatta
And suffering
The joyous life of a mirror of dreams

For me art is a one to one conversation, or a many to one. But i see more and more that is used as any other megaphone or authoritarian voice to perform for a mob.
Think about a man alone in a market trying to tell all others something.
How would you do it?

Why would someone want to experience being less than ‪#‎human‬?

Knowing is for cowards
Is for those that don’t believe in being

my day mind is still ‪#‎ruled‬ by my night mind
as a child to a mysterious absent idyllic mother

the unconscious human drive for
All in One

so if you judge all in a social circumstantial frame
try sometimes to look at thing in a silence frame – if only because it is an open frame

the world – silence – unknown
this is my main scheme. I reduce the world around to silence, then I carefully listen to it as I listen to a wise man talking in a foreign language.
beneath silence it opens the world of intimacy, of sincerity, of meta-ego, of pure perception.
an amoral world – a quiet non conflictual world filled with intensity and deep vibration of every moment and of every direction.

Artists are just the new fuckups of society.

Love your enemies
I guess enemy was poorly translated,
is not enemy as its more – those you organically dislike or fear.

men are women too

The eternal Orgasmic competition between woman and man. Who can outlast who. Who has it bigger and more fulfilling. Who can outgasm who.
When orgasm is war, there are only casualties and refugees. And a sad laughing winner, lord in a realm of destruction and ruin surrounded by fearful coward hyenas ready to bite his flesh in any moment of weakness.

Out of a hating mob there is always someone that loves you.
When in doubt, when in despair, search for his eyes.
Is the one that holds up high the invisible flower.
Unfortunately people never ever think that there is not only one view upon reality. That is the true gruesome autocracy of social group power.
Unfortunately consciousness is used only to organize drawers with socks.

Why do people look down on naivety?
Naivety is pure soul. It doesn’t matter any of the world’s perversions and evilness.
It is better to die than to fight to win over those that know about life.
Naivety is a great frame of mind that allows one to identify fakeness and deceitful motives.
It is so difficult to regain your naivety once you closed up your soul to protect your skin.

For those that don’t believe in love…
the ones that learned one time in their lives not to trust anyone, never.
the ones that live in a constant painful paranoia.
the ones that only believe in evil.
the realists.
the players.
the winners.

People want to be payed for doing nothing.
And I want them to work their heart out for nothing with me at my films.
That is why it is so magical when it happens. It is so anti human nature, so beautiful and idilic that awakes my soul.
I call them ecstatic soul moments of deep noble breath.

Visual Philosophy

I am as much against beauty as I am against ugliness.
I am as much against pleasure as I am against violence and pain.
I am as much against happiness as I am against despair.
As I am against luxury and trash.

I don’t understand revenge.
For me revenge is a disease.
What was it used for in prehistoric, pre-civilization times?

Without a God, Sacrality is very difficult.
Confusing and without any chance of reality and affirmation.
It remains a constant mystery. And at times a misleading certainty.

If you want to make great challenging films you have to go in a place where people love ‪#‎cults‬.

Everything done through a camera ends up in Objectification.

I am addicted to wondering

Objectification is good for the soul.
We feel the need more and more to objectify ourselves, it is a mark of nobility.
Humanity is only theoretical.
Objectifying a human is humanity.
What is not objectifying is violence.

Consciousness is nothing more than the possibility of saying NO.

What is my body? Why it exists? Why it is my first representation in the world? Why is my only tool to transgress life, death.

Some jump, some fly, some float.

Happiness is debilitating.

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