SOLO version – he
Is dark. There is a naked figure in the dark. We get closer and closer to it. He has in front of him a bowl with blood and in the blood a long thread, long as his body length. All around the blowl is white ash. He sits bent on the bowl easily hitting it. Dooong. Dooong. And then surrounding it with the stick to make a continuous vibration.
He is erected. Singing at the bowl. He stops singing and waits motionless for the sound to fade completely away. He then touches the ash, takes from it and puts on his face. An the 2nd time puts on his body. And 3rd time he puts on his cock. He bends over the bowl and puts his face in the blood. Out of it, in his mouth, he takes out the wet bloody thread. He comes up again and the thread touches his white chest. Things get mixed.
He masturbates in a weird painful dance with blood and ash. He cums. He cums in the bowl. Sperm dripping in the blood. He hits the bowl three time. Dooong. Dooong. Doooong. Waits motionless for the sound to disappear and takes very softly the bowl and drinks it all.
He is dazed, numb, like in a trance. On his face very very softly there is a smile [we start hearing the bowl’s long long sound]. He retreats in darkness and leaves us in the dark with the bowl and the ash all over the floor. And the sound.
DUAL version – he/she
She is on the street. A guy comes to her, they seem to know each other, or better said they seem to meet for the first time. There is nothing said. He takes out a small note and gives it to her. He hugs her and leaves.
At night, on a street with a dead end – from the back, a woman puts on a mask. A textile mask that leaves out only the mouth.
She enters a dark building and climbs the round stairs. On the hallways is dark. She enters a room where a man sits naked on the ground seems like sleeping.
She takes out of her bag a little container and puts on his hand a white powder. Is ash.  Near his hand put a round Tibetan bowl. She takes out a little knife and at the other hand cuts his veins. She lets the blood dripping in the bowl.
She spits on his mouth – again and again until she has no more spit in her mouth.
His hand begins to move, she gets back, afraid. He opens his mouth and tastes the saliva on the floor . He feels the ash on his hand and begins playing with it. Still in the ground with his face to the floor, he puts ash on his face. He comes up and takes the ash down on his body.

He is erected. He is white from the ash. His arm bleeds. The arm with which he start masturbating.
The girl spreads her legs and opens her lips on the edge of the bowl.
He has a weird dirty ash and blood dance of masturbation. He mixes the dripping hand with blood with the ash on his body and cock. The girl touches herself too.
And he cums in the bowl, near the girl’s opened vagina in a circle of flesh, blood, saliva and ash.
He gets back, tired, overwhelmed by the blood bath. He disappears in the darkness. The girl takes the bowl and drinks it. A sudden pain punches her in the belly. She falls down. Numb. Fainted. Shivering. From time to time another spasm. She smiles. Her pain is sweet. Her desire is beginning to come through. She begins to gag and the she is powered by a throwing up reflex. She vomits a red thread. A long long red thread. The length of his body.
She is happy. She is amazingly happy.
I day, she is on the street, she wears the red thread. Like a weird real person in a dream world. She feels strangely acutely awaken. People look strangely at her. Look at her like to an alien.


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