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UnTuned – redreturn

For me Art reminds us that God is in everything, more or less, deeper or shallower. Through Art we define God. Again and again. Art keeps creating and remembering us about God’s presence in all.
Art has created God. Art has created Religion. Art is necessary for it keeps God real, always becoming without a beginning without and end.
God comes shapeless, from nothingness, enters the world becomes form, formal and dies. God is flux, coming from nothingness into coarser and coarser shape until stone, until wind. Lost in oblivion. God needs God needs God needs God.
As long as there is God humans are at their best and the world is perfect. When people will forget about God, will feel no more the need to create It, then will be the fall of man.
Today Art explores for God into urban society, in skin, in individual detached conscience, in social conflict, in Taboos, in beauty, in purity, in garbage, in concepts, in accidents, in unconscious, in ugliness, in pain, in sex, in popular culture, in professionalism, in corporatism, in Art…
Where else does Art looks for God today?

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